Friday, January 30, 2015

Melaka Sultanate Palace

With the rain coming down once again, I headed over to one of Melaka's many museums - the Sultanate Palace. A rather stark contrast to the Dutch buildings in the central core of Melaka's UNESCO area, it is actually a replica of the palace of Sultan Mansur Shah (1456-1477). Although built only 30 years ago, its construction methods are traditional, using no nails whatsoever. 
Its galleries depict some aspects of sultanate life and culture and also display rare local artifacts, weaponry, ceramics, brassware, and a royal meeting chamber. I especially liked the display of traditional costumes and jewelry.

The inexpensive entrance ticket also includes access to the beautiful grounds in the style of the "Forbidden Garden" reminiscent of the landscaping of the Sultan's period. My stroll through its quiet but lush grounds reminded me of the many walks I took through tranquil Theosophical Society of otherwise chaotic Chennai, India. If I lived in Melaka, the palace garden would definitely be a place I'd frequent.

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