Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Liking the Legs

For breakfast, I walked over to a local restaurant. Like most of the Malaysian restaurants I would be eating at, this one sported plastic chairs, was more open-air style (no windows or doors), and was inexpensive. The waiter wheeled a cart filled with a variety of dim sum dishes. Being adventurous, I pointed to a few plates that looked interesting. While enjoying my chai and Chinese breakfast, I enjoyed people-watching. Some crows began landing on the seat and handlebars of a motorcycle parked near the restaurant. A petite older Chinese waitress shooed them away a few times, but the crows persisted. Two seemed particularly intent at staying there, deviously poking their up heads on the look-out every few seconds, then returning to peck their way into a plastic bag stuffed into the seat. The restaurant workers were too busy and the patrons highly engaged in conversation and seemed unaware of the feathered snitchers. Triumphantly, they succeeded in pulling out quite a few chicken feet, which they scattered along the blacktop.
Someone was going to be unhappy that their lunch was missing.

With a full belly, I headed towards the older part of Melaka to begin my sight-seeing.

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