Friday, May 30, 2014

Taejongdae Park

Following lunch at the Gamcheon Taeukdo village, our bus crawled in thick traffic to Taejongdae Park. Arriving much later than expected, we only had a short time to enjoy the beautiful park. My Vietnamese friend and I stayed longer, enabling us to take in more of the natural sights. Shaded by the canopy of trees, we walked along the paved walkway. A wheeled vehicle looking like a train transported paying customers to specified destinations. Most people chose to walk though, taking with them children crabby with no naps, pets, and older relatives. Once again, most dogs were small and wore outfits, and some even had their ears or tail dyed in fluorescent pink or orange colors. Other small dogs were carried in special backpacks worn on the chests of their doting owners.   Rest stops, cafés, and shops were conveniently located throughout the park. 

Well-maintained stairways with railings led people down to experience great views and down cliffs to the famous rock beach. Here, people enjoyed climbing on the rocks and resting, observing the light house, large ships, and other scenery. On this breezy, slightly hazy day, we were not able to see the Tsushima Island of Japan. Back at the entrance, we joined many others who waited in lines to board public buses transporting people back to central areas of Busan. 

Following a few firecrackers along the beach near where we were staying in a rather lackluster motel, our time in Busan was swiftly drawing to a close. Until next time.

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