Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Beaches of Busan

Flying kites at Haeundae Beach

One of Busan’s attractions is its beaches. Parts of the beaches are rocky, while others had rather large, clean swaths of sand. Much like the parks and mountains of Seoul, the beach areas were designed to encourage exercise. Well-maintained boardwalks, biking lanes, and areas with outdoor exercise equipment abounded. People of all ages took advantage of the facilities, jogging, walking their small clothed pooches, stretching, etc. With the waters still rather cold, no one was out swimming yet. Families enjoyed sitting on the sand, sharing picnic lunches or flying kites of varying sizes. Sun tanning wasn’t a common scene, particularly with the sun-conscious Koreans who favor light skin. On one beach, young people enjoyed a game of beach volleyball. A few tents were set up near the shore. Facilities with bathrooms, snacks, and coffee abounded. Palm trees lined the edge of the beach near the road. On the other side of the road, more coffee shops, restaurants & bars, shopping malls, and high rise buildings abounded. It was interesting seeing the photos of the Haeundae beach between the 50’s and 1970’s, totally absent of tall buildings and modern development. At night, the beach scene with its nearby pubs and bars became noisier. Colorful lights sparkled on the water, reflected from the bridges, cityscape, and firecrackers. 
Haeundae Beach
Biking path along Gwanganli Beach 

Boardwalk along Gwanganli Beach

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