Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Buying those Chuseok Gift Boxes

For those detesting long checkout lines and crowds in stores, they best avoid entering a store in Korea this week. Families all over the country are preparing for Chuseok, the harvest festival. As part of this festival (one of the three most important holidays in Korea), gifts are exchanged. Particularly for busy professionals, presenting an expensive, beautiful gift box is an attractive solution.
Presented here are a few of the gift boxes I spotted while going EARLY to the grocery store on Saturday. I have included their dollar equivalents in the captions below each photo.
Which would you buy?
SPAM - care for the box at $40 or $49?

Not sure what this is - ginseng? $89 (a "bargain" from its regular price of $110)

Precious apples - $42 or $55

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