Monday, February 11, 2013

Ddeok, Ddeok, Gook!

Although it sounds like name of the children's game, Ddeok Gook is a traditional Korean rice cake soup, served at the Lunar New Year. Two teachers and I had this soup at the apartment of a sweet Korean lady who expressed her honor at having us as guests. To the typical recipe, she added ready-made Mandu dumplings. The kim thin sheets of seaweed (seen top-middle) were crumpled and stirred into the soup, providing just a bit of extra flavor and saltiness. Kimchi, rice with beans, and some greens including one made from parts of a fern were also served as part of our New Year's meal.
If you're interested in making this milky-colored soup, here is one recipe that was similar to how she made it, although I don't recall seeing any anchovies in the soup. 

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