Monday, January 21, 2013

Those Changing Rocks

If the artist Claude Monet had visited the USA, the rocks of Sedona would have been a "must see." Having so carefully studying the changing light and appearance of the Rouen Cathedral over a series of over 30 canvasses, he would have been fascinated by how changeable the Sedona landscape was, depending on the time of day, height of the sun, and weather. The first afternoon we arrived in Sedona, the weather was crappy - snowy, windy, and overcast. The famous red rocks were partially obscured by the falling snow and were rather flat with little contrast.

The next morning, the sky was a brilliant clear blue. On the sides illuminated by the sunlight, the rocks looked as if they were sculpted, ranging from bright terra-cotta highlights to deep warm shadows on parts away from the sun's direction. Driving past the same rocks in the late afternoon, the play of lights and shadows painted a totally different scene. Although I am primarily a portrait artist, I would definitely feel compelled to study and paint these rocks if I stayed here longer. Such diverse beauty of God's creation.

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