Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fay Canyon Trail, Sedona

Warmed by the sun overhead, we decided to hike the Fay Canyon Trail, located within the Coconino National Forest of Sedona. Rated as an easy trail with little change in elevation for most of the walk, it was a perfect hike for people of mixed ages to venture on, particularly with the slightly slippery snow. Part of the terracotta-colored path was already exposed, while other areas, particularly those shaded from the sun, were snow-covered. Snow clung to arid-looking bushes like balls of cotton. Away from the road, the silence of nature welcomed us. Along the way, we saw smooth stones piled up in a formation. In a few areas, visitors took advantage of the snow and created mini-snowmen. We ended our hike at the formation below, after which we would have needed to do more climbing up icy rocks. Note the mini-snowmen on the bottom right of the photo.

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