Saturday, May 12, 2012

Tulips for the Masses

Our last tourist stop for the morning was to the Tulip Gardens. To my delight, Its had just opened up the day before for the spring season. Asia’s largest tulip garden, the 90 acre facility was able to hold quite a few tourists who came in buses and cars. It was the first time on the trip that I had seen non-Indians in any number. Young and old, men and women alike were captivated by the nearly 1.3 million tulip bulbs in over 70 varieties. Although paths were neatly laid out at very manageable intervals, sweater-clad Indian tourists found it too irresistible to traipse through the middle of the tulips in order to get a good photo of themselves. To that, the security personnel would blow their plastic whistle and scold the offender to get out of the flowers. I loved all the colors and types of tulips; the scale of the place with its rows of tulips even made it more impressive. How beautiful it must look when the tulips are in full bloom!

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