Thursday, May 03, 2012

Beetab Valley, Kashmir

Just as I was beginning to wonder if I had gone too far, a young man who was walking in the same direction pointed to a driveway sloped sharply downward. Spotting a sign saying Beetab Valley, I thanked him and headed down to the entrance, with many Indian tourists were approaching from their vehicles. A spring thaw was well underway here, the snow covering the valley beginning to melt. Brown patches of soggy grass were peaking out in spots. A shallow river surrounded the park-like area, the still-brown slopes jutting upward at a decent angle. I sat on a bench for a while, enjoying the opportunity to relax and take in the sights. How beautiful this area must look when everything is green and in bloom! I walked past the Indian tourists who were frolicking in the less-than-optimal snow, careful not to step in the puddles formed by melting snow. Walking back to the village, I reflected on what a wonderful morning walk it had been.

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