Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kolu Dolls of South India

In South India, Hindu homes in this time of the year celebrate the festival of Navartiri with Kolu dolls. Literally meaning an assembly, special dolls are arranged in stairstep displays of odd-numbered steps (1,3,5,7, 9, or 11). During this nine-day festival, the goddess Mahishasuramardini is remembered for her slaying of the devil Mahishasura. The first steps are typically dedicated to gods and goddesses. The next steps are for saints and demi-gods. Following that in succession are marriage, businesses and crafts, and traditional wooden dolls.
Women love to show off their kolu display and invite friends, relatives, and neighbors to their homes. Sweets and small gifts will be given to the guests.

Even grocery stores get in the action!

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