Saturday, September 17, 2011

Buy your Candles (and Body Parts) Here!

A Catholic pilgrimage place would not be complete without places to purchase candles. This stall sells candles of varying colors and sizes, hoping to attract those of most any budget. Amongst the rainbow of colors, you will also find body parts for sale. Available are metal (perhaps even silver) squares with relief impressions of body parts, vital organs, children, and others. Likewise, white moulded arms, legs, and children hang above. Those seeking to have a baby might purchase the child piece. Hoping to get your bum knee healed? Bring the leg piece as an offering. I saw the same types of purchases available at a Hindu temple in Gujarat. 


Bibi said...

Gosh, I didn't see these anywhere when in India. Is there a tummy-reducing body part? ;)

Melissa Enderle said...

No, didn't see any of those. Maybe you have to flatten it on your own, not with prayers.