Thursday, April 07, 2011


Described as a “jewel box in marble,” this tomb of the “Lord Treasure of the Mughal empire under Shah Jahan is also nicknamed the “Baby Taj.” Predating the more famous structure, the Itimad-du-Daulah signals a change in Mughal architecture, away from the massive red sandstone structures to the more elegant structures such as the Taj Mahal. Highly symmetrical, the squat building had a minaret at each corner. Colored mosaic patterns of geometric and floral designs covered the outer surface and the interior floor. Window jail screens of complex geometric patterns were carved out of single pieces of marble. Inside, floral paintings were in various states of preservation were framed in arched niches on the upper half of the walls. The painted ceiling must have also looked rather beautiful with its incised patterns, relief textures, and golden accents. Not nearly as visited as the more famous structure in Agra, it was much quieter here, giving us ample opportunity to wander around the various rooms with tombs and admire the decorative architecture.

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