Monday, March 21, 2011

Recycled Textile Art

Having seen a fair amount of textiles in Rajasthan, the shop outside of Jodhpur provided a different twist. Although it also sold new pieces such as mirrored bedspreads and pillowcases along with the ever-present Kashmiri scarves, the shop specialized in a type of recycled art. It bought up old dresses from Rajasthan and Gujarat and employed women to take them apart and sew new textile pieces out of them. Many of the dress pieces were made into wall hangings and looked like a crazy quilt of a similar color. The intricate embellishments of the dress pieces (the “U” of the neck area was a common element) and varying patterns was impressive. Although one could find cheaper ones, these imitations could not match the intricate work and character found on the older dress fabrics.

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