Sunday, January 09, 2011

Mylapore Festival - let the Kolams Begin

This weekend marked the annual kolam contest as part of the Mylapore Festival in Chennai. About a half our before the event, women & girls (no men this year) line up to register for this rather laid-back event. Some had "cheat diagrams" ready, while most transformed the square area of pavement in front of them with a kolam from their memory. Having so many women within a small area is a great way to see the process of creating a kolam unfold before your eyes. In general, most start with a specific dot-grid pattern.

Read more about how kolams are created (along with some beautiful examples) on my website

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Bibi said...

I have the kolam sticker I got last year on my place on the floor; would get washed away. Enjoyed seeing your Christmas season photos. Imagine you, like me, are working on your recent trip photos...never-ending story!