Friday, January 21, 2011

Lotus Temple, Delhi

Following a day of sightseeing and shopping at Fab India, we arrived at the Lotus Temple (Baha’i House of Worship) as the sun was setting. This modern-looking structure was completed in 1986 for the Baha’i religious sect, but welcomes people of all religions to meditate and attend its short services held throughout the day. As its nickname reveals, the temple consists of 27 white marble lotus petals beginning to unfurl. Even at this time of day, a long line of people gathered to visit the temple. True to most Indian lines, queuing was not a strong point, but some temple officials did try to maintain some order. Along the main path and lining the manicured lush (92 hectares – 227 acres) lawns were rows of flowers including some mums. As we waited, the sun descended behind the temple, bathing the marble in violet. Surrounding the large temple are nine shallow chlorinated pools, adding to the tranquility. Once inside (shoes not allowed), people were invited to sit on the wooden benches, each of which had a lotus symbol carved in it. Looking upward, the expansiveness of the structure was felt. A floral symbol was seen at the top, radiating.
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