Sunday, August 08, 2010

Pulling in the Boat

Fishing in Chennai is not a solitary activity. Coming in with an early morning catch, teamwork is involved in order to drag the boat ashore, particularly since the strong current had created a fairly high ridge. The wood poles straddled over the boat were used in much the same way as a yoke, with one person on each side. 


Bibi said...

Beautiful photo, Melissa. I like how you've presented this scene.

Rachel Sarah said...

Absolutley beautiful photo. Everything about it is perfect. A fabulous portrayal of the life of fisherman in South India. Have you visited Rameswaram Island yet? Overnight train from Chennai.

Melissa Enderle said...

Thank you for the compliment. I looked up the Island and see that it is a holy place for Hindus and there is a famous temple there. Is there something in particular related to the photo that made you suggest Rameswaram, or just for its religious significance? Would you say that it is a weekend thing, or longer?