Saturday, February 06, 2010

Brindivan Gardens, Karnataka

For the evening’s excursion, we decided to go to the Brindivan Gardens. Located about 15 km (9 mi) north of Mysore, these beautifully landscaped gardens come alive in the evening when the water fountains are illuminated with colored lights. While the lines when we arrived about 5:15 there were already many people there. Unlike many places we visited, the prices were the same for all, regardless of nationality - 15 rupees admission and 50 for a camera. Groups of school children in uniforms were amongst the nearly all-Indian visitors. The atmosphere was very pleasant and relaxed. It was a happy together-time for families. Children frolicked about and played on the grass. Children eagerly accepted the peeled cucumbers and fruit snacks purchased for them. Even before dark, the grounds provided photographic opportunities, between the variety of flowers, fountains, and people asking to be photographed. Here too, we were asked to be part of the images, posing for photos with families. We waited on a bench on the hill overlooking the main area, anticipating sun-down and the grounds to be transformed with moving color. Excitement was in the air as the fountains received their nightly change. We had to be satisfied with the scene sans music, a change from the description in our guidebook. After observing the colored fountains from our high vantage point, we descended the stairs. “Fountain police” were busy blowing their whistles, telling kids (and some adults) when they got too close to the fountains. While enjoying the scene, I also practiced some low-light photography, attempting to capture scenes without flash, to blur the water and then to freeze it. More waves of people entered the gardens, filing in each side of the central fountains. When left around 7:15, there was a huge queue waiting to get in, with more cars and busses arriving every minute. It had been another pleasant day.

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