Thursday, May 07, 2009

Udaipur Old Town

Situated in the old part of town, it was easy to walk to destinations. It was fun wandering the narrow and hilly streets, getting out of the way of big-horned cows or pausing to watch colorful women herd donkeys hauling construction debris away. Women displayed baskets of fruits and vegetables before them on the side of the street. Others strung garlands of large flowers for use at the temple and Hindu rituals. Towering mounds of orange and yellow spices scented the air. Rows of older buildings were a patchwork of colors. Some contained colored glass windows of arched shapes. Others had relief figures and floral elements surrounding the windows.

Elephants, horse-riding maharajas, and painted bowl-balancing women walked across the fa├žade near the entrance, with a mural of Ganesh painted just inside the open door. And typical of any Rajasthani town, there were plenty of spots where you could get a glass of hot sweet chai. Away from the main touristy areas where nearly every building is a shop selling miniature paintings, Ali Baba pants, and jooti shoes over 3 times the price of that in the local bazaar, things were so much more interesting and photogenic.

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