Saturday, January 03, 2009

Missing snow? NOT

For Christmas break I went back to the USA. Landing in Chicago, I took a shuttle bus up to Madison. Due to the snow, it took and hour and a half longer than normal. Snowstorms also played havoc with plans with my sisters, a family party, and then trying to fly out of Chicago. My youngest brother also came down to Arizona, all too eager to escape the frigid temperatures (it was around -50•F windchill or -46•C one day), incessant snowfall, and related joys. The deer statues had only their antlers showing above the snow, with more snow coming after that. His morning flight was the last one out of Milwaukee before it once again closed down.

Capri pants, short sleeves and sandals? I'll take it...

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Pat said...

Whoa, that was COLD! And I was complaining when it was minuss 8 C here one day. Fortunately so far we've had no significant wind.