Thursday, May 15, 2008

Plenty O'Flowers

Flowers now take center stage in many of Belgrade's green markets. Everyone seems to be in the mood to buy the colorful array of of annuals. It's one of the few things that can brighten the otherwise drab Communist-era concrete buildings. When walking through my residential neighborhood of Senjak, I enjoy peeking above the walls or through the gates of homes, seeing the arrangements of flowers. Right now the rose bushes, sometimes towering quite high, are in their glory. The city of Belgrade has also undertaken more efforts at embellishing roundabouts, parks, and other areas.


Rachel Sarah said...

Melissa - I love love love the picture on above your profile withe sheep. Is there any way to get a copy of it?

Melissa Enderle said...

Dear Rachel Sarah,

The watercolor painting "Leading the Sheep, Dobroselica" is one I created after touring the western part of Serbia. It is also one of my favorite paintings that I have done of Serbia, reminding me of the beautiful countryside and gentle people. In addition, the image of a shepherd points to our Good Shepherd, leading us to the quiet pastures and taking care of our every needs. There have been quite a few people interested in this painting. As I have to make a print of another painting for a person (original is already sold, I'll put the photo of this image on CD and see what it looks like at the printers. I'll be coming back to the US on June 14.


Melissa Enderle said...

Dear Rachel,

I went this past week and made a print of the painting. Please email me your contact information so I can send the print to you. I will only charge a small amount above what it cost me to print it and of course the shipping fees.