Sunday, May 18, 2008

Pipin' Hot

Along with yogurt and turkish coffee, bread, or hleb as it is called in Serbian, is a staple food for the average resident. On my walk to school each morning, I invariably see people carrying a plastic bag with fresh bread, its golden crust sticking out of top. Breads such as this type I photographed from a window in Zemun, are often eaten plain - without any butter, jelly, etc. With the absence of the multitude of preservatives found in many breads in the US, this bread, with its intoxicating fresh smell, must be eaten within a couple of days - if it lasts that long. Unused bread can often be found in a bag hanging from the side of a garbage dumpster, ready for the taking by either the Roma (or other hungry "dumpster divers") or birds who help themselves.


Rachel Sarah said...

Thank you so much for getting back to me about the picture. Now that I know the background, I like it even more. Please do get in touch with me when you find out about prints. I also left a comment one of your "Chennai" postings; did you see it?

Melissa Enderle said...

Rachael Sarah,
All my paintings are of real people or places, each with a story and emotion attached to it.
I will try to find a place to print it this week - some stores are closed on Sundays.
I did receive your comment on Chennai and replied. Just think about the paintings I will make after being there!