Thursday, September 06, 2018

Gao Xin Hua Fu

I'll take you through a bit of the complex where I live - Gao Xin Hua Fu. It is located a little less than 5 miles south of central Xi'an in a newer area.  My apartment building (#16) is one of the taller ones.  It wasn't easy to get in the entire height of the building. I'm live on the top floor of this one!

Vehicles enter outside the complex and into an underground parking area, leaving the complex mostly to pedestrians and some two-wheelers. On the route I take to the main gate, there is a special slightly softer path that is especially nice on which to walk or jog. The complex is large enough that if you would go around the paths, you could get in a fair number of steps. I was pleased to see grass and a fair number of trees, all of which gets regular waterings by workers.

More buildings are still being constructed. Lots of cranes in the area!

Wide walkway to the main gate. 

Main gate of the complex. One needs a special card that you wave over the turnstile, much like in a subway station. One can borrow carts or dollies to haul stuff to your apartment.  

View right outside the gate at sunset. The street is a fairly busy one. The shuttle buses that take us to school begin the journey right outside the gates and then proceed to pick up teachers in a few other places. 


tombetz said...

I suppose having a billion neighbors creates a unique set of urban planning challenges? Living in a concrete jungle must be an additional cultural shock compared to say rural Wisconsin?

Melissa Enderle said...

If one had only lived in rural Wisconsin, this would be quite a shock. Having been in Seoul, I have already become accustomed to seeing such tall buildings. It's my first time living in one though.