Friday, February 03, 2017

Teton Ken and Daisy: Color Pencil Artwork

Below is the latest artwork I have completed, a color pencil drawing of Teton Ken (formal name of Ken Eddy). I met Ken and his burro Daisy at the Superstition Museum, where he was very willing to pose for me and chat. Gleaning information about Ken was far easier than most of my subjects in foreign countries, where language and/or time was a challenge. 
With my grizzly beard, worn leather hat, gun, and mining gear saddled on ‘ol Daisy, I certainly look the part of a gold prospector. Yessiree, I can truthfully say that I have found a nugget or two, but nothing that would make me rich. I admit that I have been amongst the many who have gone up in these here Superstition Mountains searching for the fabled Lost Dutchman mine, but the greatest wealth I gained there revolved around enjoying the spectacular scenery. Leading some adult treasure-hunters and movie crews up the mountain also helped pay some bills and enabled me to purchase several burros including this here Daisy. I even acted as the ghost of the Lost Dutchman in a movie! On weekends, Daisy and I hang out here at the Superstition Museum, giving kids rides on my burros. I’m not sure who has more fun - me or the kiddos!

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