Sunday, December 04, 2016

Artwork: Rabari Farmer, Gujarat (Watercolor)

In anticipation of an art exhibition, I wrote a short story about each painting, as if written by the person in the painting. These are all real people, and the stories are based on experience, observation, and representative/factual information typical of someone from that region/profession. Some of these paintings are still available, so if you are interested in purchasing one, please contact me.

Greetings, a blessed Ram-Ram to you! After a long, hot day in the sun with my sheep, goats, and a few water buffalo, I walk along the dusty path that will take me to my village. It’s amazing that my white tunic isn’t dirtier! The lack of rains requires my herd to walk even further in order to find water and grazing land, and now . With the support of my fellow Rabari clan and blessings of the gods, somehow we will persevere through the oppression of industry and capitalization.

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