Thursday, November 17, 2016

By the Glow of the Supermoon

Although my photographic knowledge and camera equipment limited me from achieving any spectacular view of the moon, I was determined to produce at least some creative photos incorporating the moon. My current position by Lake Monona prevented me from capturing both the state capitol and moon in the same image. I would have to go elsewhere. 

My brother and I went to Madison's other lake - Lake Mendota. The small parking lot at the beginning of Picnic Point was full. I guess other people also took advantage of the mild temperatures to enjoy the full moon. Navigating by the bright moonlight, we walked along the path towards the tip of the peninsula, passing by other walkers and some young people who were enjoying campfires at several designated sites. Several women spoke excitedly in Chinese as they pointed to the city skyline, naming some of the city's landmark buildings.

The moon was quite high in the sky, but the bare branches added some creative framing for the night scene. Thanks, brother, for patiently putting up with my night photography!

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