Friday, October 07, 2016

Chinese-themed Lanterns at Boerner Botanical Gardens

Although all of the 1,000 silk lanterns at Boerner Botanical Gardens were created by Chinese artists from Sichuan Tianyu, there definitely were some displays that felt more Chinese in theme. 
The warm hues of the Chinese Palace lanterns contrasted beautifully against the sapphire night sky.

The fan was one of my favorites, portraying elegant peacocks, flowers, and butterflies.
Detail of the fan

The Chinese zodiac lanterns were a crowd favorite. People posed in front of the zodiac animal from their birth year. I even had my photo taken in front of mine.

The display also had several Chinese figures, such as the operatic performers below.
A bit of China in Wisconsin!

The China Lights display can be seen at the Boerner Botanical Gardens through the end of October. 

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