Saturday, March 05, 2016

Snow Queen and the Frosted Bushes

As I glanced outside my window, it was as if a voice beckoned me, calling me to come out and meet her. Mesmerized with the scene before me, I obliged, casting aside my work obligations and letting my artistic instincts take over. Knowing that I didn't have a lot of time before nightfall emerged, I headed to one of the nearest picturesque spots - Bongwonsa Temple
Here, a female white statue welcomed me, like a snow queen amidst the frosted bushes. 
The main temple and surrounding forest was all painted in the same wintry white - quite a stark contrast to the pink blossoms I painted there in spring.  
The snow queen did her magic here as well, enveloping the already tranquil scene with an extra layer of calmness.

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