Wednesday, June 03, 2015

Led by the Lanterns

After the night drive to Namhae Island, our bus arrived at the parking lot on Geumsan Mountain while it was still pitch dark. Night travel in Korea for our meetup group provided two advantages - one less night to pay for accommodations and less traffic. A shuttle bus took us farther up the mountain, after which we hiked the rest of the way to our first destination - Boriam Temple

 Colorful lanterns, a common sight at Buddhist temples particularly for Buddha's birthday, marked the path to the temple through the inky black night.  

Nearing the temple, the color began to change to cobalt blue. Smaller islands and some twinkles of lights could be seen in the distance. Below, the lights pointed to a town nestled along the water. Following the curve along the top of the mountain, the warm glow of colorful lanterns pointed us to our first destination of the day. What a tranquil start to a great three-day weekend.

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