Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Winter - for Today

Winter morning, Czech Republic
As I write this, I sit at my desk in Seoul, warmed by the radiator next to me and the ondol-heated flooring below. Outside, the brisk winds make the temps even chillier. How different things will be for me tomorrow, for I head to Malaysia for Christmas break. The temperature difference will be vast - from 18°F (-7°C) in Seoul with a wind chill of 7°F (-13°C), to around 85° (29°C ) in Kuala Lumpur with sudden tropical showers. That six-hour flight will transport me to a whole new world.

I have booked hotels that include free internet in their offerings. What kind of service that will actually mean, I'll have to see. So perhaps I'll post some photos while still in Malaysia, but otherwise be looking for some tropical Christmas scenes in the future. Off to new adventures!

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