Tuesday, June 03, 2014

Sewol: A Nation Still in Mourning

On April 16, 2014, a tragedy off the southern coast of South Korea sent the entire nation in mourning. In the Sewol ferry accident, 288 of the 476 passengers lost their lives. Particularly devastating was the fact that most of those who perished were from a high school. Nearly two months later, emotions still run deep. The images here are from a memorial still up outside City Hall in Seoul. Yellow dominated the scene in the form of ribbons, paper boats, post-it notes, and more. Original artwork, carefully framed, filled a large section. Under a tent, official-looking people stood near a beautiful display of flowers. The entire area had a very somber mood. Perhaps the tone was further darkened by the grim news that yet another diver in search of the 16 victims still unaccounted for had died. 
Since the tragedy, many events throughout the country (including our school) have been canceled. Others have been quite subdued and more somber. 

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