Saturday, March 01, 2014

Part of the Korean Walking Gear

Walking and hiking is a favorite past time for Koreans. I love to see people of all ages out in the nature around Seoul for their health, and not just sitting in the many coffee shops. In addition to the prerequisite special hiking jackets, walking sticks, back packs, and hiking shoes, many Koreans have added another item to their walking gear - the dust mask. For most of this past week at school, recess was canceled, due to high levels of dust and pollution in the air. During the few recess times the kids were able to get out, pint-sized masks donned a number of their faces. China had another terrible week of unbreathable air, and some of this comes on down to Korea.

Pollution is everyone's problem.

I also checked the air quality prior to going on my morning walk. Some hikers were wearing their masks, while this woman carried hers as she ascended up the gentle slopes of Amnsan mountain. 

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