Thursday, March 28, 2013

Gyeongju, South Korea

Stone Arch and Stairways.jpgTile roof with white blossoms.jpgFigure holding the dragon.jpgDragon above Jahamun gate.jpgJahamun dragon profile.jpgJahamun corner with embellishments.jpg
hanging fish near Jahamun.jpgDragons above Daeungjeon Hall.jpgDaeungjeon Hall front.jpgDokkaebi above gate.jpgDragon with pearly whites.jpgLooking out by Jahamun Gate_.jpg
Dragon with snake neck.jpgDokkaebi knocker.jpgDabotap with lion.jpgBuddha riding elehorse.jpgRiding the crane.jpgProtruding dragon.jpg
Stone wall and white Magnolias.jpgSteps to gate with budding cherry tree.jpgSarira Pagoda.jpgToltops on wall.jpgLotsa toltops.jpgHall with turquoise shutters.jpg
Gyeongju, South Korea, a set on Flickr.
This spring break I traveled to the city of Gyeongju in South Korea, home to ancient temples, burial mounds, and buildings from the Silla Dynasty.

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