Sunday, August 19, 2012


Our school is up on a hill. At one time, it was a cemetery, but it has since been removed. The site offers great view of the city below, but gives one second thought before schlepping stuff when walking back up. Walk up and down (perhaps a few times) this hill, and you have a nice cardio workout. 
There is a grocery store within walking distance, but many teachers choose items at the store and then take advantage of the free delivery. 

Somehow these photos don't quite capture the steepness of the hill, but hopefully you'll believe me anyway.

Bottom of the hill, right by Chicago Pizza (which I hear doesn't really taste like Chicago-style pizza)

Up the first steep portion, looking down. Can't even see the bottom.

After the middle section which gives a short respite, the second steep portion by the school (see the guard's pagoda and the red-striped school building) is yet to come.

To reach the apartments, there are more inclines to go. My apartment building is on the right, pictured here.

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