Friday, June 22, 2012

Last Drive to the Chennai Airport: India Reflections

The school driver has come to take me to the airport. Nightfall Has brought some relief from the heat, but it still is just as humid. On a main street, we pass by old familiar scenes; stalls pouring steaming hot filtered coffee, others frying samosas and other various quick Indian foods, a store selling school uniforms (the new school year had just begun), others displaying sari material, and numerous sweet shops. Women stringing garlands of fresh jasmine and other flowers worked alongside those hoping to sell bananas and neatly piled mangoes. Reading the sign "Hotel Runs," I had to chuckle one last time at its rather odd naming for a restaurant. Along the way to the airport, we passed by churches, Hindu temples, and a mosque. Construction for the upcoming Metro and several larger hotels was underway, both signs of growth and modernization in the city. Finally we arrived at the airport, which also was undergoing construction. For now at least, the scene was as chaotic, crowded, and colorful as it always has been since I've lived here. Perhaps that just is a part of India that will remain in one way or another.


Rachel Sarah said...

Wow. It's been four years already? I started following your blog right when you were moving to India. The picture I bought from you hangs in our living room. Blessings to you on your new adventure. I know returning home from India is bitter-sweet.

Melissa Enderle said...

Thank you Rachel Sarah for the well-wishes. Yes, it's been four amazing years in India. It will be forever a fond part of me. On to new adventures in Seoul!

JN said...

Dear Melissa,
I can just imagine you capturing and creating the chaotic commotion of Chennai on your mental canvas. The active artist in you is ever awake! We miss you and hope we will see you sometimes soon.