Saturday, February 04, 2012

Ta Keo

After mingling about the vibrant Ta Phrom, the 50 m very plain Ta Keo was a bit of a let-down. Built of sandstone, this undecorated step pyramidal temple dedicated to Shiva was surrounded by four towers. Although reasons for the sudden construction abandonment are not certain, our guide said it was because workers were killed by lightning; other sources speculate that it was due to the death of king Jayavarman V (reigned 968-1001 AD).


Bibi said...

Sad story...are there works underway to preserve this?

Melissa Enderle said...

Most of the sites within the Angkor area have had restoration funded by various countries around the world. I'm sure Ta Keo has also received funding, as the jungle would have unleashed its destructive forces by now. The plainness of the structure is due to the abandonment before the original constructors were finished.
Sites in the Angkor area were victims of looting throughout the centuries - as well as during the civil war.

Bibi said...

Good to hear.