Monday, November 21, 2011

Bonbibi and the Honey Collector

Walking through the village of Pakhirala, we were shown a small enclosure along the side of the road. Inside were several clay figures. Our guide explained that in the Sunderbans, a sort of folk religion was practiced - superstition combined with Islam and Hinduism. The clothed female figure was Bonbibi, a goddess of the jungle. Islanders believe that she protects the fishermen, woodcutters, and honey collectors from attacks by tigers.
Our guide said that this boy (below) was also involved with the honey collecting protection/success. Looking up information using the name he gave me was unsuccessful.

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Bibi said...

I'm not sure my little (bon)Bibi would protect me from a tiger...maybe she'd try... :)

Melissa Enderle said...

Ha! I also immediately thought of Bibi when I was writing the name. Great minds think alike!