Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Of Deities and Yallis

The towering four gateways of the Meenakshi Temple in Madurai are totally covered with protruding statues of brightly painted deities, mythical and real animals, and monsters. On the top, menacing faces of guardian deities known as yallis with their protruding eyes, horns, teeth, and long mustaches stare at those who come near. A feast for the eye, the temple’s twelve gopuras beg for extra viewing and zoom lenses. 


Bibi said...

If I had lived when these were made, I'd have contributed to their making or painting. I loved visiting these temples. There were some X-rated figures and poses...oh.

Check out this link for some beautiful saris...that light up...

Melissa Enderle said...

Although you didn't visit this temple, we saw some beautiful ones in Tamil Nadu. Yes, Hindu artwork does not deny certain pleasures. The Konarak Temple in Orissa was particularly erotic.

Technology saris, eh? Can't wait to see some beautifully embroidered saris next week when I travel to Kolkata.