Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Deden Tsuglagkhang Temple, Norbulingka (Dharamsala)

A stone structure with colorful wooden ornamentation, yellow framed windows, and the golden Tibetan symbols of the two deer & wheel of life near the top of the building, the Deden Tsuglagkhang Temple’s architecture embodies what I had anticipated a Tibetan Buddhist temple to look like. In the porch-like area in the front, bright red pillars were ornamented near the top by painted flowers. Large Thangka murals of Buddhist scenes in a flame-like style balanced the walls between the entry door. A brightly painted wooden doorframe with geometric designs and Chinese-like dog symbols formed the doorframe.

A sheer white curtain over the entrance fluttered in the breeze, quietly inviting guests. Inside, attention was brought to the 14ft (4.3 m) gilded copper statue of the Buddha, surrounded by a carved, gold-gilded wooden curved panel.

 To the left, two large banners with Thangka Appliqué hung nearly 2/3 down to the wooden floor. More Thangka murals covered the interior walls, along with decorative elements in all colors and a bright yellow ceiling.

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