Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Streets of Bangkok's Chinatown

A few streets away, plastics gave way to motors and machine parts. Nothing glamorous about these shops, but they must be doing well enough for so many to stay in business. In some places the drab motor stores gave way to bright red stores containing glittering gold jewelry, exaggerated by plenty of mirrors. Catering to another sense were the spice stores. Even before approaching one, you could already inhale the strong scents. In front of some stores one could see small, low displays of amulets. Potential buyers peered carefully through magnifying glasses to ascertain the quality and design of these miniature pieces. Also along the sidewalks or just outside openings of shops were women (and a few men) engaged in beauty treatments. Some had a white cream spread over their face – perhaps for skin whitening? Others were engaged in eyebrow plucking, achieved with string in the deft hands of the beautician.

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