Sunday, December 06, 2009

Young Girl, Jaisalmer (Pastel)

Today we are celebrating the festival of Gangaur, held in honor of the Goddess Gauri. I have dressed up in my very best, including new jewelry fashioned in Jaipur. Mehendi designs adorn my hands, applied lovingly by my older sister. I have been fasting for 18 days and hope that my devotion will bring me good luck when it comes time for me to find a husband. As I stand in line with the other young girls waiting for the procession to begin, I am in amazement of the scene before me. The sounds of the Rawanhatha, bagpipes, Surpeti instruments, and many drums fill the air. A large crowd has gathered, made up of locals and tourists. Cameras and cell phones are pointed our way, capturing the festive scene. Brightly decorated camels also await the procession. I clutch my metal pot, careful not to drop the coconut placed inside. The golden, bejeweled statue of Ganguar has just emerged from the stairs of the Royal Palace, carried by young men in splendid costumes. Soon we will follow the statue of Gauri, singing songs as we make our way to the lake.

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