Thursday, September 17, 2009

Mint Street in Georgetown, Chennai

Located in the old section of Chennai known as Georgetown is Mint Street. In 1841 gold coins were produced here for British and various local rulers. Today its rather narrow streets are clogged with cycle rickshaws, auto rickshaws, carts, and other vehicles all vying for space. Vendors set up veggie and fruit stands along the street edges. Cows amble along, eating garbage. Mobile phone shops are situated next to rustic-looking jewelry shops. Worshippers spill into the street in front of HIndu temples. Music from the Jain temple trumps the sound of honking horns. People stop us asking if we could take their pictures. Women look through piles of brightly colored fabric, choosing the most colorful, glitzy ones for a new sari. It is chaotic, vibrant India in its glory.

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