Thursday, April 19, 2007

Kotor, Montenegro

A few hours later, we arrived in the sleepy Montenegrian town of Kotor. We immediately headed to the Old City, a wall preserved walled medieval city built between the 12th and 14th century. The medieval architecture and numerous monuments of cultural heritage put Kotor on the list of World Natural and Historical Heritage Sites. As in the other Old towns, this one was also filled with narrow winding streets, churches, and city squares. Hungry, we found a small restaurant and ordered pizza, including one topped with kaymak and other regional specialties.

We then began our rather ambitious climb up the steep winding path to the fortifications on the mountain overlooking the Old City. Not much of the fortifications were left, but some preservation had recently been done through funding by the US embassy in Belgrade. We stopped a few times along the way, admiring the views of the Old Town and surrounding harbor, and catching our breath. Slogging onward in the heat, we finally made it to the top. Here we were afforded gorgeous views of town and southern Europe’s deepest fjord. Yellow wildflowers contrasted with the azure blue water below. A tattered flag of Montenegro flapped in the breeze. After relishing in the views and our accomplishment, we headed back down. Going down was significantly easier. Parched, we found a small store and gulped down water.

Wanting to make sure we didn’t miss our bus to the Tivat airport, we arrived early. Unfortunately, things operated at a less-than-efficient rate, forcing us to take a taxi to the airport instead. As our only travel hitch, we could hardly complain. After a 50 minute plane ride from the tiny Tivat airport, we were back in the capital city of Belgrade.

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