Thursday, April 24, 2014

Another School Korean Gate

Pictured here is Seoul Foreign School's other Korean Gate. Below is the road taking visitors to the parking structure. The upper part is for those walking from the vehicles (buses and cars) up to the various school divisions. 

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Spring Around SFS Gate

Seoul Foreign School, where I teach in South Korea, is blessed with a beautiful campus. During spring, it becomes even more glorious. This past week, the azaleas really have opened up, adding an extra splash of color in the area around the school's iconic Korean Gate. Here's a few photos from my walk the other afternoon.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Easter Beauty

At daybreak this morning, I was awakened by the faint, but beautiful sound of a choir singing. Most likely, it was coming from an outdoor celebration at Yonsei University, which shares the "hill" with my school. Although I could not make out the words (it's possible that they were in Korean anyway), their message of joy was unmistakable.  I am happy to be in a country where Christianity is not suppressed, where its people are able to express their faith. Starting with the most joyous news of a Risen Savior on that first Easter morning.

A Blessed Easter to all!

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Scattered Petals

Alas, most of the cherry trees have shed their blossoms, the tiny petals delicately floating to the ground. With the warm weather we've been having in Seoul, it's the closest thing to the other "white stuff" the area will be having for quite some time. I'm perfectly happy with that.

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Seonamsa Temple - Hike

At 9:00, when our hike was to begin, the sun had already begun to warm the air. Thankfully, we were given the option to wear our own shoes, which made the hike a lot more comfortable. The tall monk led the group. For most of the walk, we were to be in two lines. He had us do various exercises and practices, such as walking backwards, walking VERY slowly (which did make it great to be attuned to the sounds of nature, including a pheasant flying by), and some stretching, massage, etc. with the person across from us. After leading us down some steep hills and across a stream, we entered into a forested area unlike the others. Here, the tress were all a special type of pine tree, whose ball-like seed pods had a fragrant pine scent when rubbed. As a Korean woman (who was also on a temple stay here and joined the walk) began singing in traditional dramatic tone, I looked upward. The immensely tall trunks diverged in the sky, their upper branch cluster of leaves looking like swaying giraffe spots. Looking across on the sloped ground, the mid-morning light began to play on the lower portion of the trunks.


For lunch, we were back at the dining hall. We were warned ahead of time that the monks would also be eating then, so we had better be on our best (non-talking) behavior. After lunch, we could change back into our clothing and get ready to depart. Thanking the tall monk, we walked back to the bus and on to the next destination. The bamboo forest, a planted tourist attraction, was on the way back to Seoul.

Sunday, April 13, 2014

One Week Later

Cherry blossoms deserve their symbolic attribution of temporal beauty. Last weekend, I took these photos on the mountain right by my school in Seoul.

Today, I walked through the same area. I was hoping that there would be a bit more cross-over between the cherry blossom and the azaleas (that just began to poke out a couple of days ago), but alas, much of the beauty of the cherry blossoms had faded. With the gorgeous temps, it still made a beautiful walk. I'll have to return in a week or two to check out the progress of those azaleas.

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Early Morning Photography: Seonamsa Temple Stay

Following breakfast, we were given the option of catching some shut-eye for an hour or two. Seeing how beautiful the early morning light was, I decided instead to capture some of the tranquil, but dramatic scenes. Early morning fog still enshrouded the hills and mountains. The fish wind chimes gently clanged in the breeze. Dramatic light cast shadows on the latticed windows and into the open buildings. The streams and stone drinking areas gently flowed, their clear waters moving onwards. Women monks walked by, communicating without words. Others were using smartphones whose covers had the OM symbol on them. Less than an hour later, hikers, all decked out in their walking gear, began passing by.

Find more photos of my early morning walk through Seonamsa on my Flickr set